Hi. I'm Dan.
I’m a child of punk rock, skateboarding and the world wide web who mutated the three into one awesome career.
In 1994, I got my first skate deck, my parents tried America Online for free and I was crushed when Kurt Cobain died. I was 10 years old. Shortly after, I learned HTML to build an Angelfire website for my first band — traffic counter, guestbook, lil devil gifs and all. I booked my first concert on AIM. Then came Napster chat. Once MySpace arrived, I was booking west coast tours online while creating music videos and skate films on my mom's Hi-8 while cutting and pasting punk zines to promote my friends' bands. 
Each wave of internet provided more tools to make music, produce film, and reach more people. In my head, I was hustling stagedives and compact discs, but beneath the surface I was building a skillset that ranged from brand development to marketing strategy to copywriting, design, and video production.
Fast forward a few decades and I’m still at it. Still making music. Still cutting and pasting zines. But I’ve also been honored to build all sorts of campaigns with brands ranging from Intel to Harley-Davidson, Cisco to AXE Body Spray, Salesforce to Ben & Jerry’s at agencies like at VICE, Edelman, Super Top Secret and McCann.
In 2019, I made the jump from agency to brand, taking the role of Creative Director in the Adobe Brand Studio overseeing Adobe Acrobat. I led a hybrid team of internal Adobe creatives, specialized contractors and stellar agencies in the development of creative work from air-cover TVCs to ground-level demand generation. 
In 2023, I took a new role as the Senior Creative Director for Adobe Express. It rocks.
I love this work because I love knowing that the only thing that stays the same is change. I love that my adult career in advertising has been as unique as my youthful career in punk rock. More than that, I love that I feel a unity, comradery and sense of mission with the creative teams that I lead today that’s as strong, sometimes stronger, than what I felt jumping into the tour van back in the day. ​​​​​​​
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